Decades of Enhanced Decay

A retrospective survey of Fossil Aerosol material dating from 1986 - 2011. This compilation is composed of substantially remixed and unreleased tracks. Dead places re-imagined, and contaminated things reactivated.

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A study of our October pseudo-pagan celebrations, mixed with some musical relics from the Upland South. Hollowed, hallowed vegetables, and tours of show caves.

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A tribute album of sorts, composed of looped and processed debris culled from vinyl pressings of concert recordings made during the early 1970s. The hissing compression of old tape, and the darkening of the side of an orbiting body.

Never officially released. One track included on the Decades of Fake Resurrection compilation.

Eight tracks composed of processed fragments from the first 15 minutes of the second unauthorized Italian sequel to Dawn of the Dead. The dislocation of fake decay, circa 1980.

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Considered here were relics of cheap media fantasies (circa 1978-81) of a malfunctioning future, along with experiments with mutant pop culture (circa 1974-76). The layered voices of extinct synthesizers, punctuated by the stutters and blips of fake technology.

Out of distribution.

A dissection of the legendary 1968 album by the Fab Four, seasoned with the cryptic evidence that Paul was dead. A lumbering, Frankenstein’s monster with a beat.

Never officially released.

Nine tracks containing damaged and mutated artifacts from all three installments of the original zombie trilogy: 1969, 1979, and 1986. Selections of fake decay, artificially decomposed again. Remembering the zombie plague.

Out of distribution.

Remixed and released in 2009 - see “The Resurrection Remixes”

The first set of recordings produced by a reassembled Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, in 2004. This involved the use of new equipment and revised delay processes. The release focused on media-bound, late 20th century belief systems.

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Artifacts of the misinterpretation of the historic American West. Here, audio fragments from westerns of the 1960s and early 1970s were processed and arranged during the late 1990s, using rapidly failing studio equipment. A noisy, dust-coated, very analog cinema.

Out of distribution.

The second Fossil Aerosol release by Afterdays Media was produced in the spring of 1997 using environmental recordings (made several years earlier) that were subjected to multi-channel treatments recorded and mixed live. The sounds of the thaw, contaminated and mutated.

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Cassette Recordings represents the earliest audio work from the Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, recorded and mixed on 4-track cassette decks during the mid-late 1980s. Nine tracks were remixed or remastered in 1995 for this release. The decay of faked decay.

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The second release to observe the 25th anniversary of the Fossil Aerosol Mining Project. Recent tracks created from very early fragments: bits of tape and recorded experiments made a long time ago. Pieces of late twentieth century media, decomposing to the quiet roar of chromium dioxide as it clings to tape heads.

Available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

In 2009, Fossil Aerosol looked back at the theme-based “If You Loved The Dawn of the Dead” and decided that the material needed a revisit. This collection consists of remixes and reconsiderations of several of the dead-shopping-center recordings from “Dawn”, as well as a couple of the very early tracks on “Cassette Recordings”. Revising our zombi history.

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Entirely new material that originates from a reconfigured studio. Here, new recording processes allowed for more improvisational “live in the studio” studies. Strumming the digital delays as they further degrade the decomposed.

Limited edition CDR package with X-ray cover (and extended track on

second CD) released in 2012.

Also available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

A consideration of the western depictions of the eighteenth century village at the foot of the Valley of the Kings. Observing the commodity of antiquity, and the fakery of the ancient.

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This project disassembled and rearranged earlier, unreleased tracks and grafted them to new field recordings and recently-acquired debris.

The damaged documents and pilfered souvenirs of a very long journey.

Released on CD by Hand-Held Recordings in 2014.

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A collaborative project with :zoviet*france:. Over a year in the making, Patina Pooling was released in 2014 by alt.vinyl as a double lp vinyl edition.  The package consists of a weathered and laser-etched steel sleeve, found cardboard inserts, and includes specimens of water and U.V. damaged synthetic fabrics, collected from a burned-out warehouse in the American Midwest in 1987. Frequent listeners of each band will find both the familiar and the new. The call and response of residue and hybrid.

Recorded during a heat wave in the summer of 2013. Using thrift-store cassettes dating to the 1970s and 1980s, the project explored the effects of mildew on chromium dioxide, and of chromium dioxide on mildew.

Available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

In 2015, Fossil Aerosol and :zoviet*france: took their collaboration (which resulted in the 2014 “Patina Pooling” double album) a stage further – into the realm of pliable reverberation. Employing the nearly obsolete format of the 7-inch flexidisc, “Flexible Pooling” consists of two unreleased tracks that were mixed with the lo-fi quality of the format in mind. A third extended track is included as a digital download. Tundar diaspora.

A return to the damaged media and decomposing mediums of the late 20th century. The basic tracks of this album were recorded in 2010, and were remixed and remastered for vinyl in 2014. The source material for the work consists of dissociated fragments from nearly-lost genre films of the 1970s, filtered by scratched celluloid, bad splices, dropouts, and damaged control tracks.

Released on vinyl by The Helen Scarsdale Agency in 2015.

Also available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

Early physical releases from 1987-88 and 1995-97. All very limited edition and out of print. Some of this material reappeared on “Cassette Recordings”, “Resurrection Remixes”, “Very Early Fragments”, and “Environmental Adjustments” (see above).

A recomposition of elements from the :zoviet*france album “7.10.12”.

Released by :zoviet*france: as a Soundcloud download in January of 2014.

In 2015, Fossil Aerosol worked with filmmaker Matthew Konicek on the soundtrack to his video short, "Some Historical Shrines of 1934". Using the looped audio from the original rough cut of the video footage, Fossil Aerosol recomposed selected fragments employing their own time-compression techniques, creating a 15-minute, freestanding composition.

Available on Bandcamp.

A 23-minute composition that employs some of the first material recorded by Fossil Aerosol in February of 1986. The piece is a 2016 composition,

but it is built entirely of 1986 - turned inside out and frontways back 30 years later.

Available on Bandcamp.

The core tracks of 3.2016 were mixed during March of 2016. On the 23rd

of the month, elements from several of these tracks were reanimated live

in the studio under a Paschal Moon. The result was an additional 23 minutes of real-time compositions. 3.2016 was released immediately upon completion as a full-resolution digital Bandcamp download, while the tiny ones and zeros were still warm.

Available on Bandcamp.

"Revisionist History" observes 30 years of obscure, sporadic, and artificial resurrection. The recordings on this album are hybrids, created by the grafting of old artifacts onto new material using recently devised studio processes. The CD contains a "virtual second disk", available as a digital download. New sounds of the past, articulated through the devices of an unimagined future. 
Released on CD and Bandcamp by Afterdays Media in June 2016.

Also Available on and iTunes.

The core tracks of The Unlistening Place were recorded in 2015. At the time, these were intended to be part of what was to be the final Fossil Aerosol album, scheduled for a distant release. But history circled back on itself and the result was a reworking of future tracks, alongside more new material. Tradition, referents, and resolute nothing from the place that does not hear.

Released on CD by Afterdays Media, September, 2017 

Also Available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

This album, arranged specifically for Helen Scarsdale, might be considered a prequel to “The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971”, featuring the damaged remains of certain pop culture pleasantries in a less decomposed state than found on the previous vinyl release. Thus, August 53rd, a month extended to accommodate a changing climate, predates the day 1982 contaminated 1971.

Released on vinyl by The Helen Scarsdale Agency February 2018.

Also available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

Between ca. 2013-18, a number of pieces were recorded that, for various reasons, were not included in the catalog of released or unreleased albums. These tracks consist of live-in-the-studio experiments, revisits to old material, or simply thematic anomalies.

Six artifacts with various provenance, bound together.

Released on Bandcamp in June 2018.

"January 18 2018" is a live,-in-the-studio improvisation made in the midst of a dark, very cold, and rather difficult winter. The piece marked a transition s back to our roots with a rack full of effects boxes, a proper mixing board, a little feedback, and the inevitable 60-cycle hum.

A 38-minute, purposefully flawed winter song.

Released on Bandcamp in February 2018.

Composed and mixed in October of 2014. The source material focuses principally on a certain piece of German gothic cinema made during the late 1970s. This material was culled from both VHS audio tracks, as well a “field recording” made at a poorly-attended screening of the film in a decaying theater in St. Louis, Missouri sometime during the mid-1980s.

Released on CD and Bandcamp by Afterdays Media, November 2018.

This unplanned and largely unannounced release consists of a suite of recordings initiated on Armistice Day and completed on the 278th birthday of Benedict Arnold.
A fatigued response to reminders of a cyclical past, surprisingly exaggerated in the years of the rooster and the dog.

Released on Bandcamp January 21 2019.

As a few of the early Fossil Aerosol releases that explored the problems of dead shopping malls have been allowed to fall from distribution, the compilation “Zombi Traditions” is intended as a comprehensive survey of the topic. The album includes a number of remixes, outtakes, along with previously-released material. Sixteen tracks and a one-hour survey of mildewed American Suburbia.

Available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

Recorded in the spring of 2016, implementing field recordings made along the banks of a backwater lake and in the shadow of an aging power plant mixed with material from a homemade instrumental cassette tape recording (marked only “sacred”), found at a thrift store in downtown St. Louis, Missouri in 1990.

Released on CD by Afterdays Media, April 2020