Forthcoming Releases, as of 5-2016



The first Fossil Aerosol Mining Project audio recordings were made 30 years ago this year. In the observation of three decades of obscure, faked resurrection, we are pleased to announce the release of the new CD “Revisionist History”. The recordings on this album are hybrids, created by the grafting of old artifacts onto new material using recently devised studio processes. New sounds of the past, articulated through the devices of an unimagined future.

In addition to the 69-minute CD, each package also includes an exclusive download code for an additional hour of full-resolution tracks via Bandcamp. This bonus material consists of special remixes and reconsiderations of nine of our old favorites. In total, Revisionist History includes over two hours of enhanced decay and mnemonic devices. This artist’s-edition is limited to 300 specially prepared packages that include a manipulated page of pseudohistorical text (circa 1972), and a souvenir fragment of open-reel dictaphone tape collected as source material in Chicago in 1988.

The anniversary edition of Revisionist History is brought to you through a collaboration between Afterdays Media and The Helen Scarsdale Agency.